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A Beautiful Space to Inspire Beautiful Thoughts

4 Jul


An organized and functional workspace is without a doubt a necessity for today’s working woman.

I have found, as with most things, less is more. Therefore, a great workspace will take a bit of organizing (sorting through bills, papers, and materials). Fortunately, once this is done, it will be quite simple to keep your space organized. Investing in a small filing cabinet with hanging tabs and pretty folders is an easy way to store these important materials meanwhile, creating an attractive and organized surprise every time the cabinet is opened!

The immediate workspace should be the perfect place to foster creativity and success. There should be a space to easily access materials used everyday such as pens, pencils, scissors, notepads and electronic plugs and chargers. If you do not have a workspace with a drawer in the front then a holder on top of the space will serve perfectly. An affordable and easy option is a mason jar, either painted or simply clear!


Additionally, for folders, binders, books and important papers used everyday, a small space  dedicated to their display is not only attractive but functional. Small book ends from a craft or discount store such as TJ Maxx or Marshall’s work perfectly and can be painted and personalized for your space!


Now that an organized and functional space has been created, add a few personal pieces, the key word being few. A coaster for coffee or tea, a small memento and a lamp are ideal. For instructions on how to make the “Teapot” lamp visit here!

Pretty Primping Station

8 Apr


For today’s successful lady on-the-go, there is often not enough time to spend on getting ready for the day. The last thing on your mind may be moisturizing and popping in some pearl studs, but by creating a pretty and easily accessible display of your basic primping items can help cut down on time and make you feel more ready for the day.

Organization and minimalism is key when picking the essentials for your everyday routine. These should be the items you cannot leave the house without using. Things such as lotion, deodorant, moisturizer, perfume, vitamins/medication, and lipgloss/stick are great examples.


After gathering these items, displaying them in an attractive and organized manner is key! The first step is finding a tray which can fit these items. Don’t pick a large tray simply to stuff everything you own onto. Select one which is small enough to encourage you to keep your items organized but large enough to hold the essentials. Stores such as Target, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls often have a wide array of trays for affordable prices. If you pay more than $20 for a tray, you’ve paid too much… don’t be fooled, you’re a smart lady!

Once you have found your tray, arrange your items by height; large and tall items in the back with small and short items in the from. This allows you to see all of your items and not forget to use one when rushing out the door in the morning.

Additionally, I like to have a little container to hold a few pieces of jewelry. Some earrings and rings in gold and silver that are easy to slip on and go with any outfit are perfect. I find the cutest containers at thrift markets and barn sales but stores such as the ones listed above will have some as well!


Now you never have an excuse to leave the house feeling unprepared to rule the day!

Teacup and Saucer Jewelry Storage

7 Feb

A fun, cheap and pretty way to store your jewelry may simply be your cup of tea!


Various vintage teacups and saucers make the ideal containers for your favorite pieces. Either tucked away in a drawer or displayed out in the open, your jewelry will always remain organized and beautifully presented!

Arrange the cups and saucers to your liking, alternating patterns and colors. Staying within a similar color palette will help bring the varied collection together. It is simple, easy, and a great way to use those often neglected pieces of china!

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