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Inspiration By Kate

2 Mar


Teapot Lamp

4 Jul


Nothing warms the heart more than an affordable, functional and beautiful statement piece to spruce up a room. This “Teapot” lamp, introduced to me by my mother was not only fun to make but also a wonderful lesson on how to wire a lamp!

All that is needed are a few vintage pieces of china, superglue and a lamp kit (found at any local hardware store).

1) Stack selected pieces and experiment with different arrangements and heights. The pieces can include plates, platters, candle holders, teapots, tiny bowls, etc.

2) Once the desired look is achieved, begin supergluing the pieces together beginning at the bottom. Let glue set.

3) Follow the directions on the back of the lamp kit and attach the neck of the socket into/onto one of your china pieces with superglue. Having a piece on the top of the lamp which will “house” the socket is ideal. A small bowl, teacup or candle holder is perfect. Experiment to see what works best, that’s the most exciting part!

4) Let the cord run down the back of the lamp.

5) Choose a lovely lamp shade to go on top and admire your handiwork!

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