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Bar Cart Style

22 Oct

A little bar cart is a cute and fun way to recycle vintage furniture.

In particular, for a lady like myself living in a small apartment, it is a multi-faceted way to make efficient use of space!

Where and how to use a bar cart in your home:

1. Bathroom: Roll up towels and stack them on the bottom rack while toiletries placed in pretty dishes and vases remain on top. Hair dryer, curler, straightener and brushes can be stored on top as well.

2. Kitchen: Silverware organized in mason jars or bottles on the top rack while bowls, plates and cups remain on the bottom for easy access.

3. Living Room: A mobile bookshelf! Stack books and magazines together on both the top and bottom shelves. Place a pretty vase of flowers on top.

4. Bedroom: Use as a nightstand with a lovely lamp on the top shelf, alarm clock, and dish for jewelry to be put in before bedtime. Have a coaster for your morning coffee or nighttime tea ready! Place make up wipes, lotions and contact solution in a hat box on the bottom shelf.

5. Dining Room: For it’s conventional use, a bar cart can be stocked with glasses and alcohol for before/after dinner/anytime drinks. Also, it can be filled with tea cups, mugs and tea fixings for a lovely afternoon tea!

Check out Shell Chic’d for other ways to decorate your new favorite piece of furniture!

A Beautiful Space to Inspire Beautiful Thoughts

4 Jul


An organized and functional workspace is without a doubt a necessity for today’s working woman.

I have found, as with most things, less is more. Therefore, a great workspace will take a bit of organizing (sorting through bills, papers, and materials). Fortunately, once this is done, it will be quite simple to keep your space organized. Investing in a small filing cabinet with hanging tabs and pretty folders is an easy way to store these important materials meanwhile, creating an attractive and organized surprise every time the cabinet is opened!

The immediate workspace should be the perfect place to foster creativity and success. There should be a space to easily access materials used everyday such as pens, pencils, scissors, notepads and electronic plugs and chargers. If you do not have a workspace with a drawer in the front then a holder on top of the space will serve perfectly. An affordable and easy option is a mason jar, either painted or simply clear!


Additionally, for folders, binders, books and important papers used everyday, a small space  dedicated to their display is not only attractive but functional. Small book ends from a craft or discount store such as TJ Maxx or Marshall’s work perfectly and can be painted and personalized for your space!


Now that an organized and functional space has been created, add a few personal pieces, the key word being few. A coaster for coffee or tea, a small memento and a lamp are ideal. For instructions on how to make the “Teapot” lamp visit here!

Wall Art

4 Feb

I whole-heartedly believe it is important for a lady to have a space which she can feel comfortable, productive, and organized. This space can be created wherever she wishes to settle and should be a reflection of her personality. All it takes is a little time and creativity and the willingness to experiment!

For my last year in college, I decided to make my dorm room a place where I could study, entertain friends, sleep comfortably, have a dressing station and feel relaxed. Although dorm rooms have many limitations, it only takes some thinking outside of the box (or room for that matter) to incorporate what will work!

To begin with, I made a beautiful focal wall simply out of electrical tape, experimental paintings as well as collected pieces from my family and antiquing. I was more than thrilled with the result!


To make the focal wall, buy enough electrical tape (usually anywhere from $2-$4 per roll at a local hardware store) and begin to plan out your pattern. I decided on vertical stripes as I wanted to add pictures on top. Simply using a measuring ruler, mark out in equal widths how far apart you wish the stripes to be! It doesn’t have to be perfect or exact (mine sure wasn’t) because the pictures will be placed on top! It really is that simple!


To get tips on how to best display an arrangement of wall hangings, photos or paintings see my post on Wall Hanging Arrangements coming soon!

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